Thursday, July 31, 2008

Discovery Gateway

Wow, wow, wow and wow...did I mention WOW!!! This is a cool place! Our cousins Jen and Kelly had some extra tickets so they invited us to go with them and it was SOOOOO fun! The kids really loved it...there was so much for them to do.

We started out upstairs outside where they had a life flight helicopter and the kids could pretend to be pilots, nurses, or dispatch.

Then inside they got to be newscasters, weathermen, radio announcers, and they had a whole exhibit about inventions--tons of stuff to do!

We spent most of the time on the main level where they had a whole little town set up: the farm, the store, the house, a construction site...they had it all! The kids really loved playing with all the stuff and I thought it was really amazing (made me wish I was little again!)

This was Sophie's Favorite! She LOVED driving the jeep! She would cry when I would take her out to go somewhere else to play---it was by far her FAV! She must know her dad had one way back when (the peterson jeep connection!)

They also had this fun contraption that the kids could play with--they had different sections and you would put plastic balls into the contraption and then you could send them to different areas--the kids thought it was really cool!

This is how you can tell the kids played HARD and had a GOOD time:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The bugs strike again!!!

Their latest victim...

Yesterday Wynnie got a bite on her cheek. It was a little red and then this morning we woke up to another Quasimodo! Her eye is swollen and lets face it she looks like we beat her! I think we may just stay inside today :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


It has been SO hot lately! I'm not talking a little uncomfortable I may need a drink of water hot I'm talking exert ANY physical effort to do anything (say blink your eyes) and your body is drenched in's practically impossible to stay hydrated! I've been downing glasses of water, these are big 32 oz cups, and I just can't seem to get enough...which poses a couple of problems 1) I feel like all I'm doing is drinking water (because basically I am...It's too hot to do anything else) and 2) I'm spending an awful lot of time in the bathroom (flashbacks to being pregnant...which I'm not...first summer I haven't been in what feels like forever and I am still stuck in the bathroom!!!) You would think with all the sweating I'm doing that there wouldn't be any water left to pee out!

Don't get me wrong I love summer...I've been waiting for it all year. I just wish it wasn't this hot! When I got into our car the thermometer said it was 114! Now while I don't actually believe it was 114 and I know that some places DO get this hot (none that I want to visit anytime soon!) I do know one thing...It IS hot!!! Even with all the heat I see pictures like this and I'm reminded why I like summer so much!

It just makes me smile...and of course the smile makes me sweat...I think I need another glass of water :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Midway Fun!

We had another FUN weekend up in Midway! Jared and Mitzi were in town so the whole Peterson Family got to hang out! We had a great time!
We put up the slip n' slide and had a water fight

Here's Wynnie having some fun with some clothespins! She told me "Look Mom I'm a porcupine!"--she has such an imagination!

We went to the pool

On Saturday night we hung out: played a little ping pong, ate some smores and watched Harry and the Hendersons.

On Sunday we took a walk down to "the bridge." This is our favorite place to walk when we go to Midway--the girls love to go down to the river and throw rocks!