Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Peterson Politics

Barack Obama has become a bad word in our house! The girls hate him...Wynnie is by far the most animated about it! Whenever she hears his name she scrunches up her face (If your a Toy Story fan: she puts on her angry eyes) and then she says "No more Barack Obama in this house!" I don't know what she will do if he wins the election! We will have to have a quick lesson on respect...we can not like the man but we can respect him as our President---hopefully (fingers crossed) we won't have to...I mean, I guess it's always a good idea to give your kids a lesson on respect (there doesn't seem to be enough of it in the world) but hopefully he won't win! I do know where she is coming from though...Jeremy LOVES to listen to talk radio. So much so that if the radio is on a different station and he comes into the room he will change it to talk doesn't matter who is listening to what...the radio will be doesn't matter if he is just passing through the kitchen on his way to his office...he will change the station! And talk radio LOVES to talk about Barack Obama! We hear his name at least a thousand times a gets a little (A LOT) tiring! So I understand where the girls are coming from. The other day we were at the store and Hannah picked up Barack Obama's book.

Hannah: Look mom it's Barack Obama! We need to get this book for dad!

Me (a little surprised): Really...

Hannah: Yeah we need to get it for dad so we can stop listening about him on the radio!

Me: You're right, although I don't think your dad would appreciate it

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Today was our primary program. The girls did great! The program was wonderful! After that we've kind-of just had a lazy day at home. Just hanging out. The girls have been playing and once again their imaginations just amaze me! They set up a little vet office (our couch.) And they were taking care of their stuffed animals. They had a little table set up with tissue, medicine, and soap. Wynnie was the doctor and Hannah was the nurse. Hannah took great notes (a detailed description of the problem, the time the animal came in, when they got their medicine, and how long they had to stay!) Once again---they just make me smile!

Here's one of their patients: Ella the cat (I think she has a smile too!)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sherlock Holmes Hannah

Today Hannah got out her magnifying glass, put on her hat, and made sure she had her notebook and pencil. She then went around the house looking at things through her magnifying glass and taking notes. She came up to me showed me her notebook and said "Mom, I found a yellow thing the shape of a triangle on the wood floor in the dinning room!" She was SOOO excited! I couldn't help but smile. I said "Good work decective Hannah you solved the mystery....your mom's not a very good house keeper!"

Elementary dear Watson!

Dinosaur VS. Spring Chicken

Jeremy was in the newspaper today. The Standard did a piece on all the candidates. Hannah walked in while we were reading the article online. Here's our conversation:

Hannah: "Dad, is that who you are running against?" (pointing to the picture of Neil)

Jeremy: "Yes"

Hannah: "He's old"

Jeremy: "Yeah, he's a dinosaur"

Hannah: "If he's a dinosaur what does that make you?"

Me: "Hannah, that makes your dad a spring chicken!"

Hannah then sat down and drew a picture:

She makes my heart melt!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What happened to Autumn?!?!?!

We have had such nice weather in the 70's and 80's and about a week of 50's-60's then BAM this morning we woke up to winter!!!

Wynnie came down this morning and we sent her to lay on the couch. We can usually get a little more sleep when we do this, but this morning she went out to the couch then we heard her say "Mom, you need to come look at is really better bring Dad too...he needs to see's REALLY weird." So we got up wiped the sleepers out of our eyes and stumbled into the living room. She had opened the curtains and was standing on the couch with her mouth wide open pointing out the window. We looked out and the whole neighborhood was covered in snow and it was still coming down pretty hard! Wynnie then looked at me and said "Mom, it's going to be a special day...I love the snow!"

We walked to church in the snow--it was huge flakes and it was coming down hard so I thought for sure by the time we got done with church (3 hours later) the sun would be shinning and all the snow would be melted, but this is what it looked like when we walked home:

By the time we got home (a block and a half away) we were covered in snow!

I hope this is just a fluke and winter is not coming this early!...especially with this much snow as we are still mourning the loss of our snow blower!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sophie turns TWO!!!

Happy Birthday Sophie!

We had a small (just her cousins) party for her today. It was a Pooh Bear theme...we colored pictures, played pin the tail on Eeyore, then had cupcakes (I think this was the favorite part as cupcakes kept disappearing through out the party!)

Gary and Nancy are in town (Ali is checking out collages so they are going to go up to she really that seems like yesterday she was just an 8 year old at our wedding!) so they were able to stop by for a little while. It was nice that they were able to come (Nancy helped the girls decorate and get ready for the party) even if Sophie was having a melt down when they left and we had a house full of crazy kids hopped up on sugar running around (this is where all those "missing" cupcakes comes in to play...I'm learning...keep the cupcakes locked up until THE END of the party!) Despite all the craziness it was a fun party!

You can definately tell Sophie is 2! She is so hot or cold...she is being the sweetest little thing or she is throwing a seems there is no middle ground with her any more! As she was opening her presents she kept saying "Mine...Mine!" I have no idea where she learned this...I think it just comes with turning 2! She also didn't want to open all of her presents (I know this is weird--even for a 2 year old--what kid doesn't like to open presents?) I would try and get her interested in opening one and she would just scream at me! Hopefully she will grow out of it soon!

Here is a picture of her Pooh Bear cake:

Here is a picture of Sophie eating her cake:

And here is a cute video of Sophie singing Happy Birthday...she still knows how to make me smile!