Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kung Fu Girl!

Tonight we had mashed potatoes for dinner. I heard the girls laughing so I looked over and Wynnie had rolled all her potatoes into little balls. I listened to them and heard Wynnie calling Hannah "Master" so I went over and asked them what they were doing.

Turns out Wynnie was making her own dumplings so she could be like Kung Fu Panda...which is her current fav movie! She asks me every time we eat if we can get some "tooth picks" (Chop sticks) so she can eat like China people do! The other day Bruce told her the movie was scary and she told him "No it's not it's teaches you how to fight!"

Monday, December 29, 2008

A day out with the kids!

Today we ventured out to see a movie! We called up Holly and her kids, Mechelle and the boys, and grandma and met down at the Junction to see The Tale of Despereaux! Back in August the girls and I read the book and absolutely LOVED it! When we found out they were turning the book into a movie we were so excited to see it! The girls talk about it all the time! Hannah actually thought we had missed our opportunity to see it because on the radio she heard an ad and it said "The Tale of Despereaux in theaters this Friday" so on Saturday she got all sad and said "Mom, we missed our chance to see was in theaters Friday, not today!" I explained to her that it was still in theaters and that we would go see it soon. Well, today was the day! I decided we didn't have any other plans and the girls needed a little cheering up (sadness fell over our home last night as the girls learned that Grandma and Grandpa Peterson weren't able to make it up for Christmas!)

The movie was really good (I still liked the book better, but isn't that how it always is?) It was a cute show! The girls really enjoyed it and the message of the movie was great! I would recommend the movie (and the book) well worth seeing (and reading) although it's kind-of annoying to me how they make the rodents in these movies (and books) so dang cute when in reality rodents are EVIL, PURE EVIL!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Art Lessons

Today through the magic of technology Hannah was able to enjoy an art lesson with her Grandma Nancy! Jeremy's mom is a wonderful artist! She is a children's book illustrator and has amazing talent. Hannah has been blessed with this talent as well (thank you genetics!) and she is so excited to have her grandma teach her.
Ever since Hannah was little whenever Nancy is in town all Hannah wants to do is watch her draw and Hannah has been able to pick up what she sees BUT Nancy and Gary don't come into town nearly enough...hint, hint :) Anyway, now we have a web cam so even though Nancy is in Texas they can still see each other over the computer and Hannah can get lessons from her grandma--which I think is awesome!

She had so much fun today! Jeremy said they were on the computer for over an hour and Hannah has talked about it all night! She did some cute holiday drawings:

Hannah already asked me if we could get her a special book to put all of the drawings that she does with her grandma (great idea) so we will be heading out tomorrow to pick one up!

Here's a little clip from the lesson:

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nutcracker Ballet

Christie, Jeremy's campaign manager, called Hannah earlier this week and asked her if she wanted to go to the ballet. Of course Hannah said Yes so Christie sent us four tickets! Later in the week the girls got a package (from Christie) with a nutcracker book and cd in it. Hannah immediately read the book and we have been listening to the cd non-stop! The girls love to dance around the house to the music! Hannah is good at giving them directions "This is the land of sweets" or "This is the dance of the snow princess" and whenever they hear Jeremy they run and hide because he is the Mouse King! It is so cute!

Today we got to go see the ballet! The girls have been so excited all week and today I thought they might burst! They got to wear their "fancy" dresses which made them happy--they love to dress up! We went to the Egyptian theater and the ballet did not disappoint! Watching the girls faces was the best part! They loved every minute of it! We had great seats (we sat on the fourth row) and were able to see every detail! The costumes were amazing. At intermission we took the girls up and showed them where the orchestra sat--it was fun for them to see them all under the stage! This was the first time any of us had seen the Nutcracker and we all enjoyed it--yes, even Jeremy!

When the ballet was over the girls left the theater dancing--and haven't stopped! They will remember this for a long time! It was a great day--Thanks Christie!