Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Update on Sophie...

Sophie seems to be doing ok this morning. Although, when she first got up she looked at me with sad puppy dog eyes and said "Mommy, mouth, OUCH!" (my heart did break!) She has had breakfast and handled eating well. Her tongue now looks like she just has a big scratch across the top of's not the gaping wound it was last night. So, hopefully she won't get an infection in it and it will be all better in a few days!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

On a happier note...

Tonight (before the tongue incident) the girls and I made Chocolate Cakes in a mug! Tomorrow for activity days we are making them so I thought I'd give them a trial run tonight! The girls loved them...they just love to cook and it was fun because they each got to make their own!

Here's the cake in the microwave (2 min 45 less...the instructions are very specific about this!) It rises up out of the cup a little and the girls loved to watch it (It actually became a contest between them "Mine got higher than yours did!" Gotta love sisters!)

Here they are enjoying the wonderful cakes they made!

One cake was probably more than enough for all of them but I had to let them each make their's the experience of baking! time we will just make one!

Poor Sophie....AGAIN!

Tonight as we were getting the girls ready for bed Sophie went up to their room. She usually gets a wild burst of energy right before bed time and has been known to run around, jump on beds, climb up to Hannah's top bunk, etc... basically get a little crazy! Tonight was no exception (I'm sure) but as she was by herself we are not exactly sure what happened all we do know is Hannah was on the stairs and she heard Sophie cry so she told us Sophie was hurt. When I went upstairs Sophie was coming out of their room and blood was gushing out of her mouth. I grabbed her and took her to the bathroom and after the bleeding slowed down a bit this is what we found:

I had Jeremy come in and look at it and in true Jeremy fashion when I asked him to tell me how big and deep it was he told me "I can't look at it makes me what to throw-up!" He gets a little (A LOT) queasy...he's not one for blood and guts! I called the doctor to see if there was anything they could do. They told me they don't stitch up mouths that I should just give her some ice water to drink not let her eat anything tonight and by morning it should be ok (or at least a little better!) They said tongues heal quickly and she should form a nice canker sore over the cut (I'm sure she going to love that!)

Here I am trying to get Sophie to stick out her tongue for the picture:

When I was on the phone with the doctor Hannah headed straight for her pad of paper and pen and drew this nice picture of Sophie's "tung" (tongue) and what it would look like with stitches:

She is a true artist...she would be totally lost without her paper and pen!

Sophie seems to be doing ok. She has tried to rub at her tongue a couple of times and you could tell it was bugging her a little bit, but she is asleep right now and we will wait and see what tomorrow holds...stay tuned!