Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Here's some pics of us in our Easter BEST! My mom made all the girls their dresses (Thanks! They are SO cute!) I made their hats.

We took some pictures before church and then after we got home I went out with the girls to try and get a few more of just them. The bishop stopped by and we chatted for a second (about how excited I am to go get some plants for the backyard and garden--he just opened a nursery.) When he left (we were talking for less than 5 min.) I rounded the girls up to take them inside..the pictures were not working out (Esther was crying and Hannah/Wynnie were complaining!) As I turned to get Sophie I noticed she had something in her mouth (It still makes me sick thinking about it!) Anyway, she was sucking on a syringe...have I mentioned I LOVE this neighborhood...I guess I shouldn't say that you can probably find them just about anywhere..I should say I LOVE "people" (if you want to mess up your own life go for it BUT leave my 2 1/2 year old out of it! Throw your TRASH away...and just for the record my front yard NOT a trash can!!!) The needle had the cap on and didn't appear to be used (THANK GOODNESS!) but it still has me scared...I've been in tears a good portion of the night with all the what if's! We called the hospital and they told us we could bring Sophie in for testing if we were that concerned about it (shouldn't we be? my child was using someones drug needle as a sucker!) they also told us we could call the police and have them come out and look at the needle and see what they thought (We had already talked to our friend Paul who is CSI and he said he didn't think it looked used but he's paranoid and would probably have her checked anyway.) In the end we decided to go with prayer and a blessing. I'm going to call and check with Sophie's pediatrician in the morning and see what they say. I feel better about the Sophie situation BUT I'm still pretty annoyed with "people"! It did give us a good opportunity to sit down with the kids and talk to them about drug use and how we NEVER touch needles...and tomorrow Jeremy will finish our fence!


The Bates' said...

OMG that is ridiculous!!!!! (even spelled wrong) People are stupid and careless. I hope all turns out well. I would be paranoid too!

Your girls looked adorable for Easter.

Ken Coman said...

Holy cow crazy. I gasped when I read the post - I sure hope everything turns out okay. Good luck in the fence - sounds like a much needed addition.

We miss you guys!