Saturday, April 4, 2009

Work in the yard

Today while we listened to conference we decided to work in the back yard...we are desperate to have it done...a sanctuary for us to go to to get away from our crazy neighborhood! We have part of the fence done (it's looking great!) and Jeremy made our planters for our square foot garden. So today we went out to arrange was real easy to imagine how it will be when it is if we can just get it to that point! The girls came out to help...they like digging holes in the backyard! We were only out for about 10 min. and then, like every conference weekend, it started to snow! It was only REALLY lightly snowing but the girls said they were cold and needed to go in for hot chocolate. So we left Jeremy out to work and headed inside!

Here's some pics of Jeremy and the massive roots he has been chopping out of the fence line!

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