Friday, April 3, 2009

What a JOKE!

I started this new (I REALLY hesitate to use this word but here it goes) diet a couple of days ago (I hesitate because it's not really a "diet"'s more of a change in eating style. I'm not restricted in how much I eat just what I eat...and no it's not a NO carbs diet...although right now I am working to clean up my intestines--I have WAY too much yeast growing there so for the next 3 weeks while I "spring clean" my guts and get rid of all that extra yeast from 30 years of not eating right I can't eat any gluten or diary! After that I will de-junk my liver and as soon as it starts working correctly I will be able to have whole grains and dairy back...that is the goal!) Anyway, the whole reason I bring this up is as I looked at the calendar today I realized that I started all this on April Fools day (how fitting!) and after going to the grocery store with my 6 year old and having her beg for some Peeps I realized what a awful time of year to be stuck eating veggies! I want to look at myself in the mirror and say "APRIL FOOL'S...have a peep (or 2, or 3!)" BUT I won't (because I just looked in the mirror!)

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