Saturday, March 28, 2009

Let's go fly a kite!

Today our ward held the 2nd annual (in five years) kite flying day! We all met at the park to fly our kites and eat a little lunch! It was a fun afternoon...even if there wasn't very much wind! The kids had a fun time flying their kites and playing on the playground.

We left early so Jeremy could come home and work on the fence. Since it IS his birthday I figured I should let him do what he wants...and he wants the fence up! It's coming along great! We have one whole side almost done!
Here is a pic of Jeremy's work station:

I'm so glad we have that bathtub he can use as a saw horse!

We are now trying to plan out where we will put our garden! Wynnie and I watched a video on square foot gardening and while they were out "helping" Jeremy her and Hannah made this box for our garden. I'm pretty impressed at how well she listened and remembered!

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